What do you get?

Even though most Ninjas probably don't like to speak about their job, we don't have a problem with it at all. When you hire one of our coders you can be sure that the code you receive is of the highest quality. Here is what you get:

  1. Hand Coded XHTML/CSS

    And this is exactly what you get! We won't ever use any WYSIWYG software to code your designs. Programs like Dreamweaver produce a lot of unnecessary code.

    We guarantee that the code you're getting is fully optimized and as light as possible. There is no other way to achieve this than hand coding and our custom craftsmanship.


    That's right - no extra payment for Strict. We don't do Transitional at all. We believe that Strict Doctype is the right way to do things. If HTML 4.01 or HTML 5 is your preferred flavor, we can provide it as well.

  3. Fully Semantic Markup

    We separate the structure (XHTML), presentation (CSS) and behavior (Javascript) because it results in reduced bandwidth usage, increased load speed, increased accessibility (screen-readers, text-only browsers and mobile devices have access to your website) and make any updates much easier.

  4. W3C Compliance

    We've been introducing W3C standards for over 4 years now and we are sure that this is one of the best things that happen to Internet world. Our work is always 100% validated XHTML/CSS.

  5. Cross Browser Compatibility

    We realize that it is important to assure that all visitors are comfortable browsing your website. We guarantee it. Our code is tested to display properly on all modern XHTML/CSS supporting browsers. The list includes: Internet Explorer (8+), Firefox, Opera, Safari and Google Chrome.

  6. Search Engine Optimized

    Every piece of code you get from us is optimized to be friendly and accessible for search engines. You don't have to spend a single penny hiring 3rd party developers to optimize your code - this service is included in our standard price.

  7. Reliable Turnaround

    We are thorough. We pay attention to the smallest details. We can't guarantee an 8 hour turnaround for your twenty template order, but we can guarantee that your project will be delivered on time with full description and on-going support.

  8. Load Speed Optimization

    All images on your website should be as light as possible but preserve high quality at the same time. We optimize all images on your website to ensure they fast downloads fast while keeping original quality. We reduce not only the weight but also the amount of requests!

  9. 100% Discreet Service

    We understand that privacy might play an important role for your business. We can be your company's little secret - that's not a problem for a CSS Ninja. Please send us Non-Disclosure Agreement and we'll take care of it.

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Voice of Clients!

I'm very happy with everything you guys have done so far. Very professional work and great service provided each time.

Anwar Andersson twitter.com/anwarandersson

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What You Get?

  • sword coded xhtml/css
  • fully semantic markup
  • W3C compliance (xhtml strict)
  • cross-browser compatibility
  • search engine optimized
  • reliable turnaround
  • load speed optimization
  • 100% discreet service

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